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Amy Lowe and Dave Katzman

photo by: Roman Sobus

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AMY LOWE -     PERFORMANCES & Residencies


July 2 - Amy Lowe & Megan Wells - Ellis island / Immigration Dixon Public Library- Dixon, Il.

July 3 - Amy Lowe & Kingkatz - Summerfest  - Milwaukee Wisconson -2 shows times (1:30 pm & 4:45 pm) 

July 9, Amy Lowe & Megan Wells -Ellis Island/ Immigration August, 1 pm Clarendale of Algonquin, Algonquin, Il. 

July 12- 16 Seattle

July 25 - Amy Lowe & Kingkatz - The Botanical Gardens - Dancing Sprouts Concerts (5:30-7:30)

July 26- Amy Lowe ( solo - Adult ) Central Baptist Village - Chicago (6pm-7pm)

July 28- Amy Lowe (solo- Adult) 2 pm - Alden Court- Aurora, Il

July 29- Amy Lowe & Dave Katzman -( 2:30-3:30) Whitehall North Deerfield

July 30 - Amy Lowe ( Stomp Your Feet) Palantine Public Library (11:00 am- 11:45)

August 2 . Amy Lowe - Solo - More Than a Cafe- Higgins Rd. Chicago (6:30-7:30)

August 4- Amy Lowe Songs & stories- 4102 N. Claremont ( 11 am)

August 10 - Amy Lowe - Solo- Village Green East Dundee (1 pm- 2pm)

August 13- 15 Ravinia Institute Reach, Teach Play  

August 17 -18  Little Bear Festival- Vernon Hills , TBA

August 19 - Amy Lowe - Solo- Mather Place - Glenview (4:30-5:30)

August 24-26 - Amy Lowe & Kingkatz - Nashwood- Highwood Il.TBA

November 15 & 27 Ravinia- Reach Teach Play 4:30-6:30 ( Workshop

December 1,  Mather Place - Wilmette, IL - Amy Lowe (Solo) 4-5 pm

December 3 - (2 pm) - Amy Lowe (Solo) Provedence - 3450 Saratoga Downers Grove 

December 4, ( 2 pm) - Amy Lowe  Solo - Alden Courts - Aurora

December 6 - ( 9:15 am )  Stomp Your Feet - ( Amy Lowe - Solo) Devonshire Elementary School- Des Plains Il.

December 6 -  (10:15 am) Fire In Boomtown - (Amy Lowe & Megan Wells) - Devonshire Elementary Des Plains Il.

January 15, 2019 ( 6:30 pm) - Ellis Island/ Immigration ( Amy Lowe & Megan Wells) -  Peace Village-Village Circle DR, Palos Park

January 16, 2019  ( 2:30 pm) Belmont Village - Glenview - Amy Lowe ( Solo)

January 18, 2019 ( 3:00 pm) - Symphony Lincoln ( Happy Hour) Amy Lowe (Solo)

January 22, ( 2 pm) - Amy Lowe  Solo - Alden Courts - Aurora

Feb 7, ( 4:30-6:30 pm) - Amy Lowe - Ravinia  TBA

Feb. 7, ( 1 pm) - Amy Lowe  Solo- Village Green East Dundee

Feb 15 - Amy Lowe & Dave Katzman -( 2:30-3:30) Whitehall North Deerfield

Feb.28 . Amy Lowe - Solo - More Than a Cafe- Higgins Rd. Chicago (6:30-7:30)

March 1- Amy Lowe - Solo -  Provdence Saratoga - Downers Grove (2-3pm)

March 4 - Amy Lowe - Songwritng Workshops - Spectrum  School - Rockford (9:45- 3 pm)

March 8 - Amy Lowe & Megan Wells -Ellis Island/ Immigration - Romano School Wilmette ( 9:30-10:30)

March 13 -Amy Lowe & Megan Wells -Ellis Island/ Immigration - Vernon Hills Library

March 15 - Amy Lowe - Solo - Irish  - Sedgebrook - Lincoln Shire ( 2-3pm)

March 24 - Amy Lowe - Solo - Uncommon Ground/ Devon - Chicago ( 11am)

April 3 -Amy Lowe & Megan Wells - Fire in Boomtown - Old Town School of Folk Music (10:30 am)

April 5 - Amy Lowe - Solo -( 2:30-3:30) Whitehall North Deerfield

April 10 -Amy Lowe & Megan Wells -Ellis Island/ Immigration -Matherlife Ways, Evanston ( 1:30-2:30)

April 12 -Amy Lowe & Megan Wells -Ellis Island/ Immigration  - McKenzie/ Central School ( 9:45-10:45)

April 12 -Amy Lowe -solo -Saratoga, Downers Grove (2 pm - 3 pm)

April 27-28 - Amy Lowe & Judith Heineman - Grimms Tales -TBA


We just got back from an amazing Amy show at the Mayne Stage in Rogers Park. I would like to come again and wondered if there are any planned future performance dates? Loooved the 11:30.  timeline so looking for similar. 

Thanks so much in advance, 

Dori Lehman



“Everything You Touch” the highly anticipated new album by award winning children’s recording artist and performer Amy Lowe, features nine new original songs along with the covers - “People Get Ready” and “Walking In Memphis”

marking the first time Amy’s adult contemporary music is available on CD! Backed by a who’s who in the Chicago music scene, Amy sings and plays guitar, with contributions from Dave Katzman (Guitars and Bass), Kevin Patrick (Percussion and Drums), Jay Moynihan (Sax), Marty Sammon (Piano and B3), T.C. Furlong (Pedal Steel Guitar), Jimmy Burns (Vocals), Corey Dennison (Vocals), Kenny Smith (Drums), Lamar C. Curtis (Bassoon), Bobby Boos (Drums), and Mike Rodbard (Drums), giving each song it’s own identity while crossing and blending the Singer-Songwriter Genre with Rock, Blues, and World Music. Arranged by Dave Katzman and Amy Lowe, and Produced by Dave Katzman, the arrangements are masterful, the songwriting grand, and the performances confident and inspired.


People Get Ready (Curtis Mayfield)

No Pockets , Everything You Touch, Immigrant, Do You Believe in Angels, Rush Hour Romance, Why Did I Fall In Love Again, Miracles, Remote Control,

Walking In Memphis (Marc Cohn), Freedom Bird


“Amy Lowe is a talented songwriter-storyteller with a definite bent for variety in her original

“Amy Lowe is a consummate performer... polished and pure in her commitment... Her

material”  – Illinois Entertainer.

enthusiasm is inspiring” -


“Not only does Lowe draw on all the right contemporary sounds... but she cleverly uses them to illuminate the characters and situations.”

– Family Fun Magazine – Chicago Sun Times 



Brighter Than Fireflies -LISTEN

A Parent's Choice Silver Honor

“Amy Lowe, multi-award winning singer, songwriter, and storyteller, delivers a bang-up fifth album for children. An excellent choice for most libraries” - School Library Journal, Oct. 2005

1. Shiny Blue Eyes 2. New Shoes 3. Miles-BeBoppin Hoppin 4. Chocolate Is Good 5. If I Were A Bird 6. Body Parts 7. Sloth 8. Two Of A Kind 9. Ghost 10. Planets 11. When I Grow Up

Award winning Singer-Storyteller Amy Lowe’s story of the settling of a small Midwest farm town and its growth into one of Illinois’ largest communities. The struggles for survival, the determination of its people, and the hope for their children’s futures, represents one of our nation’s early spirited stories. Package includes a deluxe 28-page booklet with complete lyrics and historical photographs!

MOVIN' IN - Building A Town/ The Story of Naperville -LISTEN

TRACKS: 1. Movin’ In, Building A Town 2. Ocean of Prairie Grass 3. Captain Joseph Naper 4. The Arrival 5. Bugs, Bugs, Bugs 6. The First Schoolmaster 7. The Blacksmith 8. Fences and Promises Broken 9. Caroline Strong’s Letter 10. The Pre-Emption House 11. Halfway House 12. Lyman Goodnow’s Story 13. Delta Slide Guitar 14. Paw Paw Post Office 15. Judge Murray 16. Snap Snap, Chop Chop, Saw Saw 17. Pay The Toll 18. Sponge the Grunge 19. Dr. Daniel’s Remedies 20. Ring the Bell 21. Caroline Martin Mitchell

Association of Educational Publishers 2005 Distinguished Achievement Award

“I know students will enjoy sing-a-long parts. There is a variety of music styles and the chorus is easily learned for each selection.” - AEP Judges’ comments

Math Music 1 Enhanced CD

1. Measuring Length 2. MM CM M KM 3. Measuring Capacity (Metric) 4. Kilograms Grams & Milligrams 5. Temperature - Fahrenheit Celcius Centigrade 6. Time 7. Perimeter 8. Area = Length X Width

Enhanced CD: Lesson Plans Printable Lyrics Printable Classroom posters Amy Lowe Biography & Workshop Information

Additional Product and order information

Math Music 2 Enhanced CD

1. Long Division 2. Addition Words 3. Circumference 4. Slope 5. Angles 6. Strategies For Solving Problems 7. Subtraction Words 8. Greater Than, Less

Than Enhanced CD: Slope Lesson Plan Printable Lyrics Printable Classroom posters for Slope & Circumference

Amy Lowe Biography and Workshop Information

Additional Product and order information

Fire In Boomtown

The Story of the Great Chicago Fire

Winner of Parents’ Choice Best 25 of 25 Years 


WINNER of the EdPress Distinguished Achievement Award!

Los Angeles Times

"With poignant testimony from eyewitnesses and vivid songs, Amy Lowe and Megan Wells bring to life a city that grew too fast, with dangerously little planning; the chilling song "Mud, Wood, Drought, Blunder & Wind," tells of what contributed to the devastating tragedy."

Chicago Parent Magazine

"Judging from the response of the rapt audience to Fire In Boomtown, Lowe and Wells have a hit."


"On Sunday, October 8, 1871, the city of Chicago was virtually destroyed by a ferocious fire. This story-song re-enactment was taped in a live performance. The performers researched actual testimonials from survivors and newspaper articles, letters, notebooks, etc., to make an exciting story that stays true to the facts. Wells does a fine job of creating Mrs. O'Leary's Irish brogue and characterizing the chief fire marshall's description of exhausted firemen. The storytellers conclude by celebrating the energetic rebuilding of the city. A first-class history lesson in an appealing format"

I Like Gum

A Parent's Choice Silver Honor

1. Wake Up 2. I Like Gum 3. There Is Music All Around Us 4. Inside/Outside 5. Intro to Gordon's Gracious Giggle 6. Gordon's Gracious Giggle 7. Chicago, Chicago Is My Home 8. Boy, Was I Surprised 9. No Pockets 10. Global Family 11. Sticky Glue 12. Grandma's Farm 13. Lickety Split 14. Haunted House 15. Are You Afraid of Monsters

Precious Gifts

Amy Lowe is joined by Alfonse Ponticelli and Steve Gibons as they perform 12 lyrical songs that tastefully weave acoustic guitar, vocals, violin, dulcimer, and bass.

Titles include: Precious Gifts, Superman is Busy, Crater of The Moon, Glass Slipper, Angels Thread, What Kind of Love, Wishing Wells, It Could Take Forever, Remote Control, and Everything You Touch.

Made For Each Other 8 homespun, original songs from acoustic to electric.

Titles include: Love and Understanding, Remote Control, Division Street, Made for Each Other, A Lotta Little Extra Things, Chalk Marks in The Rain, Wild Horses, and Sooner or Later.

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